Maze of Heart

Maze of Heart
48" x 70"

""Maze of Heart", 2001, mixed media on cotton, has both a Caribbean and an Aboriginal Australian feel. It is a vibrant, three-paneled hanging that skillfully combines the kinetic energy of organic form with the formal stillness of geometric order.

The left panel has a ground of purple with touches of red, yellow and green. The central panel is blue with dabs of yellow and dark green. The right panel is green with small areas of yellow. Across all three panels a visceral red ribbon curves over seven branch-like forms suggestive of boomerangs or diggery-doos.

The whole conception vibrates toward and away from the viewer. The solid colors of the ground establish a clear, rear perimeter on which the shapes oscillate..."

"...Her art is busy but not cluttered, bright but not loud - vibrant spaces that are music to the eyes."

Kevin Costello,
The Sarasota Hearald-Tribune,
May 23, 2003

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Photography by Mark Gulezian/Quicksilver Photographers.

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